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The Stargrow Group consist of a group of companies which traces their history back to 1992 and which has since become household names in South Africa and internationally.

Originally established as a nursery business, Stargrow soon became one of the biggest suppliers of plant material in South Africa, and has expanded its business activities into cultivar development and commercialization of cultivars, including management of Intellectual Property Rights, project management of new agri development in Africa and fruit marketing. These activities, and involvement in property development and retail, have all been consolidated under the Stargrow Group of Companies with its head quarters at Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

Today the Stargrow Group of Companies consists of:

Stargrow Nurseries

Stargrow Nurseries is one of the biggest suppliers of plant material in South Africa, specializing in the development and delivery of high quality plant material and supported by high levels of excellence in service.

Nursery Nursery Nursery

Stargrow Cultivar Development

Stargrow Cultivar Development specializes in the development of a unique range of fruit cultivars which adds value to production on the farms of growers who plant them. The company takes care of the commercialization of these varieties, both locally in South Africa and throughout the world and it manages the Intellectual Property Rights of these varieties.

Cultivar Cultivar Cultivar

Stargrow Africa

Stargrow Africa project manages the development of new agri projects all over Africa until they can be handed over to the owners. Stargrow Africa identify opportunities and work in partnership with local investors implement agri-projects through all the phases required and continue to supply technical support thereafter. Stargrow specializes in plant material and intends bringing the plant material closer to its customers. It has strong relationships with agricultural on local government level as well as agricultural associations which is important to enhance its service to clients in Africa.

Africa Africa Africa

Stargrow Fruit Marketing

Stargrow Fruit Marketing focuses on local and international marketing of fresh fruit, exporting fruit from South Africa mainly to markets in Africa, the Middle and Far East. It also sources fruit outside South Africa in order to sustain all year round marking activities.

Fruit Fruit Fruit

Stargrow Consult

Stargrow Consult is the most recent addition to the group and complements the rest of the spectrum of services. This division currently offers three significant services, which includes
     - Preparation for GLOBALG.A.P audits
     - Preparation for SIZA and Wieta audits
     - Risk Analysis on farms

Consult Consult Consult