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Marthinusrust is situated west of the N7 between Clanwilliam (Paleisheuwel turn off) and Citrusdal (Marcuskraal turn off).  Marthinusrust is used mainly for stone fruit and vines (table and wine) propagation.

Apart from normal propagation of plants, we also use this site for the rooting of pear and stone fruit  rootstocks, because of the exceptional rooting we obtain, due to a suitable climate and soil.

Marthinusrust is also the site of our vine rootstock motherblocks for production of vine rootstocks.

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You are welcome to contact us at:

Tel:       +27 (0)27 482 1990
            +27 (0)27 482 2071
Fax:      +27 (0)27 482 2677
E-mail:  marius @ stargrow.co.za


Rooihoogte is situated 5 km north of Citrusdal. As Citrusdal is an area that is totally free from citrus greening and black spot, this Stargrow Nursery site is very well positioned to produce top quality citrus trees. Apart from the citrus trees, olives and mango trees are also grown at Rooihoogte.

Contact us:

You are welcome to contact us at:

Tel:       +27 (0)22 921 2232
Fax:      +27 (0)22 921 2747
E-mail:  gert @ stargrow.co.za


Suikerbosrand is situated in the Koue Bokkeveld approximately 30 km west of the small town of Op die Berg, north of Ceres.
Suikerbosrand is the Stargrow Nursery site that is responsible for the propagation of Apple– and Pear trees.

This particular site is ideal for pome fruit because of high chilling units which are necessary for good hardening off of trees.  This site also produces cherries, cherry rootstocks and  raspberry canes.

Contact us:

You are welcome to contact us at:

Tel:       +27 (0)23 317 0008
E-mail:  ernst @ stargrow.co.za